Tax Planning

A Critical Component of Your Investment Strategy

One of the more popular services at GRAnderson Wealth Management Group is the end-of-year tax planning that we provide in consultation for our clients. The tax returns that you or your accountant prepare in February, March or April are generally based on financial activity (e.g. income, capital gains) that you experience during the previous year. November and December are good months to take a critical look at how your portfolio has evolved, and whether you might need some adjustments before the year ends.

A critical component of investment strategy for many people is the minimization of tax liability within their portfolios. At GRAnderson Wealth Management Group, we are standing by to help with that! While we do NOT prepare tax returns and we are NOT certified public accountants, we do have resources for those kinds of services; and more importantly, we DO keep ourselves abreast of the legitimate investment vehicles known as tax shelters, and we are savvy to the ways in which they can affect your post-tax, bottom line.

Minimize Tax Exposure

Learn How to Shelter Your Investment Growth From Taxes

For instance, you might benefit from a tax-free municipal bond fund; or you might need us to set up a tax-free Investment Retirement Account (IRA) or 401(k) plan. There are several other ways to shelter your investment growth from taxes, including a health savings account or a 529 savings plan to help pay for college.

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