When GRAnderson Wealth Management Group helps its clients with their investment planning, the work involves more than just determining which investments might grow fastest under current and projected economic conditions. The investment planning process begins with a GRAnderson representative sitting down with you and learning your current financial situation, your goals, your timeline, your tax bracket AND your tolerance for investment risks.

This combination of conditions will affect GRAnderson Wealth Management Group’s recommendations for diversification of your portfolio; i.e., the percentage of your assets that you invest in stocks (and the types of stocks), the percentage that you invest in bonds (and the kinds of bonds), the percentage that you keep in “cash” (such as money markets), and of course the amount that you devote to alternative investments (see Alternative Investment Planning on this website). Some of these investments are safer than others, and will “fit” your portfolio and address your needs within the prescribed level of “risk aversion.”